"Dee, what can I say? I am so grateful to you for making what I thought would never be possible again actually happen...now I can look in the mirror and feel good about what I see...I look forward to intimacy with my partner and feel a new confidence with my self as a sexual person. I never thought this would be possible, but you did. Thank you for that." ​


"I have been working with Dee for a number of months now; every session is memorable not only for her welcoming, non-judgemental nature, but also for the skillful and professional approach..... blissfully relaxing for both mind and body."


It took me a long while to get in touch... I was so anxious about telling anyone about the problems I had struggled with since I was a teenager. Ashamed of my sexuality and my body. In the end I am so relieved that I took that step, you have made me feel relaxed and you listened without judgement...I think that was the first time I felt this in my life. Somatic practices work in the deepest way, I still do my practices every few days and there are times when I can feel some of my old hang ups in the back of my mind but Dee I am a new person, I feel more and I am more open to life. I have let go of the things that were crushing my confidence and I have embraced my body! You were right, I am amazing after all. Thank you for believing in me even when I didn't. "

MMH Dec 2016   

"I had researched this subject as a possible aid in Premature Ejaculation and subsequently made an appointment. I was anxious at the beginning but Dee was so easy to talk to I relaxed quickly. The work helped me become less anxious and using breathing techniques I begin to realise when I was approaching the point of release. The practice helped me set certain actions in place to give me more control over ejaculation. I was able to reach that point of release only when I wanted to. Over a few sessions she gave me exercises to follow which were starting to give me confidence in myself. We talked and discussed my sexual history in a trusting, non-judgemental manner... she really showed insight about my difficulties and home situation. I can truly say that the work has had a real positive impact on my life and would recommend it to anyone ."


After lots of fretting and procrastination, I finally bit the bullet and met Dee recently. I should not have been concerned. Dee is incredibly warm and empathetic and It was not long before I was relaxed and chatting openly about things I had never spoken to another soul about.

I have had a lot of issues relating to anxiety, confidence, ejaculation and body image over the years. After only two sessions I feel like a big weight has been lifted, my confidence is returning and most importantly, I have hope for the future.

I look forward to working more with Dee over the coming months and would strongly encourage anyone who has been putting it off to call Dee and put yourself in her healing hands.

Thank you Dee!


After noticing a decline in my sexual performance and sensitivity, I had thought maybe it was just to be expected once you're into your forties. I had started using erection pills a few times to improve things, but I didn't really want to get dependent on these. When I found Dee's website I was curious if she could help me, but didn't have any great expectations out of it. I am really quite astonished at the difference Dee has made. By following Dee's guidance and practising her instructions regularly over a couple of months I feel like my body has woken up again, and I've turned back the clock. I haven't used an erection pill since meeting Dee, and I really don't think I'll need one"

S. March 2017   

"Thank you. For being you. Non Judgemental. Loving. Healing. Bringing me and my Body out of Darkness into Light. Being there for me and others who are Lucky to have found you. I just could not let this Day pass without saying a Simple Heartfelt Thank you


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