Practitioner Supervision

Practitioner Supervision

Are you a practitioner or therapist seeking guidance on an issue relating to relationships, sexuality or body confidence for a client you are working with?

“I use supervision to ensure my practice is of the highest standard. We discuss practice issues and techniques to best support, my clients. Talking to another professional helps me to see the barriers we need to overcome, it resources me. I feel supported and filled with enthusiasm for the next session”.

Dee offers for one to one mentoring and professional supervision for sexuality and wellbeing practitioners.

Benefits of Regular Supervision

  • Ensure your practice is of the highest standard
  • Discuss practice issues, ideas & techniques to fully support your clients.
  • Share up to date research or resources ideas
  • Debrief after a difficult session
  • Professional development

Training, workshops & Presentations

I provide workshops on issues relating to sexual wellbeing to groups and organisations.

“This training ensures a better knowledge of attitudes to sex and sexuality. Expandability to ask sexual questions, discuss sexual issues and provide up to date information.

I believe that training can also increase comfort levels for professionals around their own and others’ sexualities;  lowering anxiety when sexual issues are raised.”

Presentations & Media Interviews

Are you searching for a workshop facilitator or a speaker on the topic of sexual wellbeing?

Dee is a confident experienced facilitator and trainer and available to speak at conferences, meetings, tv, and radio.

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