When You Experience A Lack of Arousal

Lack of Arousal

“I just don’t feel like having sex”

Each one of us has a varied sex drive which changes throughout or life, you may feel the urge to have sex several times per day, rarely or never, all of this is okay so long as you feel happy with it. Problems arise if we would like more or less sex or if a partner’s sex drive is lower or higher than ours, leaving our loved ones feeling a bit left out.There are lots of reasons we may be experiencing a lack of arousal or interest in sex:

  • Following a depressive or physical illness

  • Hormonal fluctuation in menopause

  • Your relationship may have become routine or resentful

  • Stress in work or home life

  • Childbirth or the exhaustion of raising little ones

  • Feeling unhappiness with your own body or unattracted to your partner’s

The list goes on.

Through sexological bodywork we can begin to reconnect you to your sexual self and reignite the passion and vitality that pleasure brings to your body. It is never too late. We are sexual beings and the intimacy that sharing this wonderful connection brings is what we are programmed for. Often reconnecting with our sexual selves can help us reconnect with a lover or partner in a new and deeper level.

Enjoy your body, it is amazing after all.