Finding Healing After Sexual Abuse

Journeying Sexual Abuse


Congratulations on taking your first steps to reclaiming your body.

Having journeyed trauma, your body can experience severe stress. It is impossible to overcome the negative experience of sexual abuse. You are more powerful than what has happened to you.

For 15 years, I worked as a social worker with children and families. I gained an insight into the devastation that childhood abuse can cause. The body carries memories which can endure throughout our lives.

Rape, incest or an abusive relationship has the ability to impact us on a physical, emotional and energetic level. At times we have triggers that we thought we had resolved. The result of this is that we may push away a partner, become disengaged from our body, become frozen or deny all feelings.

By talking about our experience with a trained counsellor helps, though you may feel that on a physical level your body still holds on to a part of the past, even after counselling.

By using somatics within a safe and supportive environment, we can begin to reintroduce the concept of pleasurable touch. This is where you can relearn boundaries, and gain a deeper insight into ‘willing to’ and ‘want to’.

“What would be wonderful?”

This question was asked by the amazing Betty Martin. Betty has developed a programme called the ‘Wheel of Consent’ which she teaches about sexuality. Her programme allows us to understand the difference between ‘putting up with’ or ‘tolerating’ and how to actually ask for what we want.

Sexological Bodywork sessions offer a safe and supportive way to reclaim your body and feel good about physical touch. As a survivour of sexual abuse may want to find your path from sexual trauma to sexual enjoyment. Sex is a fundamental human element, one that brings pleasure, delight, ease, connection, and embodiment into our lives.

“Once you begin to reclaim and re-embody sexually, you can enter the place of trauma and relinquish its control over you. You can bring peace and vitality back into your life”