Having More Ejaculation Choice

More Ejaculation Choice

When we understand our own arousal and the chain of evens that lead up to orgasm, we gain conscious control and strategies to manage this. Many clients see good results with focused practice. Often clients have trouble when it comes to having choice with their ejaculation. Here a previous client explains:

“I had researched this subject as a possible aid in Premature ejaculation and subsequently made an appointment. I was anxious at the beginning but Dee was so easy to talk to I relaxed quickly. The work helped me become less anxious and using breathing techniques I begin to realise when I was approaching the point of release.

The practice helped me set certain actions in place to give me more control over ejaculation. I was able to reach that point of release only when I wanted to. Over a few sessions she gave me exercises to follow which were starting to give me confidence in myself. We talked and discussed my sexual history in a trusting, non-judgemental manner… she really showed insight about my difficulties and home situation. I can truly say that the work has had a real positive impact on my life and would recommend it to anyone” 

Early or delayed ejaculation can nearly always be improved with a series of somatic sessions. Get in touch with me to find out more on how I can help you with this. It is important to take steps and to find a solution, it is amazing how the body can heal itself when you truly connect with yourself.