Body Confidence – Battling against the Fear of Intimacy

Intimacy 101

What holds you back in life?

Are your thoughts about your body preventing you from intimacy?

Does sex come last on your list of things to do?

Do you ever find it difficult to relax in pleasure?

Do you struggle with aspects of your body?

Know your body more, love your body more

You may be feeling that you are missing out and that everyone else has something you don’t; however, there are times in everyone’s life when they struggle with asking for what they want.

You may have some anxiety or shame around your body and this is affecting your capacity for a relationship with others.

Through gentle planned somatic sessions we can gently begin to explore your body image or fear around intimacy and sex and, with support begin to overcome some of your old patterns.

The more you know your body, the more you can love your body. Enjoy a new-found confidence in you.

When sex is good, life is better!