What can I expect in a session?

–  Bespoke

All sessions are planned around your individual needs and learning. We begin with an in depth consultation, talking through your attitude to your body and to pleasure. We discuss any issues that are currently happening for you and areas you feel you want to work on. Together we establish your desired outcomes from working with me and decide where to begin.

Client led

All sessions are client led and informed by you throughout. In this respect a session structure is an agreement between us both and you can change your mind during a session about what you want to learn. It is your choice.

– Body Aware

Your emotional and physical wellbeing is paramount in my work and based in principles of embodied consent. This means that I support my clients to feel relaxed and aware of their bodies, to know what feels comfortable and learn to communicate and understand what the body is experiencing, Through out our life we are taught to go along with body based experiences we don’t want or need. I support you to become more aware of the difference between relaxation and tension, to understand the function of your nervous system and how bring pleasure during relaxation. As a somatic sex educator I teach your anatomy and how to experience more pleasure in the body. I work under the code of conduct of the Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists which you can read here.

How much does it cost?

Initial Consultation Session (1-2 hrs)…..£60

During this session we discuss attitudes to your body, sex, sexuality, intimacy and pleasure. I answer and questions you have about the work and together we establish the goals you wish to achieve through sexological bodywork sessions.

Follow up sessions

After this you can decide on frequency of your bodywork sessions and a package of support which suits you best. There are three options all paid on a monthly basis in advance. There will be communication between your sessions about your progress, an opportunity for feedback and recommended home practice or reading.

Are you a lone parent/student or on benefits?

I offer a percentage of my caseload at a reduced rate so that everyone who needs sexological bodywork sessions can benefit. Contact Dee for more information.

What are your qualifications?

For 15 years I practiced as a qualified social worker and gained insight into the impact of early child development, attachment and the impact of neglect and abuse.

I began to see the impact of negative body image and anxiety on our capacity for fully enjoying life. I ran groups for those identifying as women and young people on self esteem and consent, teenage pregnancy and relationship coaching.

In 2015 I qualified as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker in the UK and set up Body Conscious in Belfast. I wanted to base my practice in Ireland in recognition of the impact of political and religious restrictions on our development as humans. I wanted to work directly with people affected by trauma and support them with somatic based learning. I trained also with Ellen Heed, Caffyn Jesse and Betty Martin to deepen my knowledge base.

In 2017 I became a Certified Somatic Sex Educator and now offer supervision and coaching to other sexuality practitioners. I am currently involved in the UK delivery of training sexuality practitioners – professional development is continuous.

Where are you located?

Body Conscious Studio,

71 Botanic Ave

Belfast. BT7 1JL


I also offer Skype sessions for those who cannot travel due to geographical or mobility issues.

Who do you help?

Anyone over the age of 18.

I offer my service to all individuals who want to commit to improving their relationship with their bodies, who want to learn about anatomy and feel more pleasure in their lives. Therefore I offer sessions to those willing spend time on this work, there will be home practices to do and check in emails between our sessions. So it’s important that when you begin this process that you commit the time you need for best outcomes.


I work with couples, singles, duos and all in between regardless of sexuality, cis or non cis gender, body type or ability.

Confidentiality - how do you ensure mine?

As a sexuality practitioner I adhere to professional standards of confidentiality I understand the importance absolute confidence in my practice. I never discuss individual cases and your personal information and emails are stored encrypted and password protected.

What happens if I have medical issues?

Bodywork should not be considered as a substitute for physical or psychological examination, diagnosis, or treatment. That said many of my clients have medical issues, some are directly linked to their presenting issues and others are not. If in doubt about your suitability for Sexological bodywork speak to your GP.

Do I practice at home?

This is your choice. Research indicates that the best way to learn something with your body is to experience it, followed by regular practice over time. You will get lots of experience and practice by attending regular coaching sessions, but home practice will help you to install the new learning and you will get more benefit from your sessions if you do.

What happens if I feel anxious or shy about working with you?

Firstly I want to reassure you that many people who come to see me feel this way, so I offer a safe, supportive and non judgemental space to relax and be yourself.

We have been raised in a culture that finds it difficult to talk about sexual issues openly. So at the beginning you may feel a little bit out of your comfort zone, but we get to know one another, this will melt away and through the work we develop a relationship of confidence, trust, respect and understanding.

You session will be structured around what wish with and at a pace you feel at ease with. I support clients to begin to learn in a relaxed environment. Nothing will happen in a session without discussion and your full consent.

So If your feeling a little but anxious – don’t worry its normal and will soon go.