Pleasure – your invitation


Do you sometimes feel any of the following?

Sex and masturbation have become predictable or just not as exciting

You find your mind wandering elsewhere during lovemaking

A longing for something different to the usual routine

You want to learn about variety of touch.

You want to enhance satisfaction for you and your partner

These are common frustrations during sex, many couples come to sexological bodywork sessions because they want to learn more about how to give and receive more sensation and bliss. In order to know how to fully enjoy intimacy we need to get to know our bodies first of all.

Imagine if you knew and loved your own body, were aware of what it wanted, its pleasure and knew how to ask for this.

How do sessions work?

During your session I invite you to get embodied, to explore the possibilities, to get to know to your amazing body better, once you know our own body you become more articulate with your pleasure, you become more self accepting and see beauty within.

Through somatic sex education you can learn to access the wisdom of your own self; learn detailed information about your anatomy and arousal pathways, about relaxation and types of touch.

Your body learns through practice and you will have exercises to complete at home between sessions. this path of self knowledge enhances our pleasure, our emotional well-being and our physical health.What one person finds pleasurable is very different from what another person might enjoy. Learn to know, value and communicate what your body enjoys with your partner.

Expand your awareness of your own body and learn about sensation and pleasure. Our culture has taught us that too much pleasure is not good for us when in fact the opposite is true, read more about this here

Pleasure and intimacy are vital to our wellbeing and happiness, so invite more into your life!