More confident about your body?

Able to learn more about pleasure?

Less anxiety about sex?

I would like to invite you to to a new way of experiencing sexuality.

Somatic coaching will improve your connection with your sensual self, a core part of your emotional well-being, vitality, and confidence.

When we feel happy with our body we can enjoy more of the amazing things life has to offer without shame, guilt or anxiety.

If you want to improve a particular area of your life, you may decide on taking up training or coaching with a professional. Whether it’s fitness or learning a language, connecting with an expert who you can trust brings best results. It’s the exact same for issues relating to sex, sexuality and sexual happiness.

When we think about it. what were you taught about sex as we grew up? What messages (often mixed) were we sent about how to look? Act and feel? How do you feel about your body?

Let’s face it sometimes here we struggle with embarassment even if the topic of sex comes up!

We enter relationships often carrying issues from our past and hope our partners understand how we feel when often these are things we haven’t explored in ourselves.

After your initial consultation, we work together to begin to consciously explore your core belief systems and the old patterns and tensions you hold in your body.

As a certified practitioner with several years experience I can support you to look at your barriers to self-acceptance and pleasure. What is preventing you reaching your potential? We begin to explore this together, building up a personalised program together we work on problem solving together.

In my experience, everyone can benefit from somatic sexuality sessions, it’s transformational and I have seen wonderful results through this work.

The areas I most commonly support clients with are listed below

  1. Body Confidence
  2. Overcoming anxiety or past trauma
  3. Lack of sensation or numbness in sex
  4. Erectile difficulty
  5. Lack of sexual desire
  6. Reducing reliance on porn
  7. More choice in ejaculation or orgasm

I work with couples/singles from all backgrounds regardless of sexuality, ability or gender.

See my testimonials to hear about benefits working with me can bring to your life.

​Why Wait?

Sexual happiness radiates into all parts of our wellbeing as a result it helps us feel more confident.
Sometimes just talking through an issue in a confidential, non judgemental, safe space is all you need to begin to reach your goals.

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